Strange situation Savrsena+ speed reduced after 23.00 daily

  • 27 December 2023
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I am on the Savrsena+ contract, generally happy with A1 and better than HT and Telemach for support and all.

We are in Rovinj, ortopaedic hospital area near the beach and i connect via TP link 4G LTE router with the A1 usim. I have a large external BingFU external antenna which faces straight the tower and is approx 300m away. No issues.

During the day from like 08am connection is great, i get 150 mbps with download with the router, 200 mbps on the phone, all bands have 100% signal stenght and best band is number 1 at 2100 mhz.

Now here is the strange part: every day at 23.00 speed drops to 50 mbps (still decent anyhow) and band 1 loses signal strenght down to 50-75% along with all the bandwidth so router then goes to bands 3 and 20 usually to achieve 50 mbps.

In the morning say 08 or 09 when i start work it is great again to 130-150 mbps circa.

This is irrespective of how much i download in a day and Savrsena+ no longer has any download limits as they have been abolished.

I wanted to know if anybody else observed the same behaviour. Also on my HT roaming sim speed goes down but stable at a certain rate.

If not, could you run a speed test in the morning and then after 23.00 and let me know if you get around 50 mbps?

We have zero tourists in Rovigno now in december so cannot be already overloaded, yet speed reduced every day.

Is it a self protection to preserve bandwidth during heavy loads for summer peak season? 🤔

Still very happy with A1 since HT cannot hook me up on fiber optics after 2 months i have been waiting for paperwork 😤 for our building!

Just wondering.…

Sorry for not speaking Croatian.





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Hey @gabrio ! 🖐️ Feel free to message us here and forward us your phone number so we could take a closer look at the issue at hand. 🙂

Hi guys,

I will drop a message but your support called me saying that it was "normal".

I was wondering if other people are having the same :)