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Dear Sirs:

I went to your offices on October 7 to sign up for WiFi and TV services. Paperwork was signed and I was told that technicians would call before they came out, Expected time 7 to 14 days.

Today it is Oct 30 and still no hookup, no phone calls and no technicians.I have been back to your offices 3 times including today to get this fixed and nothing has happened. today the young lady told me a document was not sent by your office to the technical people and that is the reason for the delay. She is the first person that truly tried to help. In stead of being told people would be out today or tomorrow to set things up, I was told it would take about 7 days to have someone show up. Even though I did nothing wrong, I have to pay for someone else’s mistake. If someone had contacted technical or checked paperwork as soon as the documents were signed, perhaps all of this could have been avoided.

Everyone else said to come back when the person that signed me up would be there to help. No one was willing to call technical to find out what was going on.

This kind of service is unacceptable. No one should have to wait a month for hook up or be told to come back later or told they can’t contact technical to see what the problem is. 

Please have someone tell your people that they are in the service industry and that they need to start treating their customers as customers instead of being a burden. This occurred in Split

Thank you 


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這些技術人員終於來了,取消服務真是太好了。 也讓他們散散步。

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Eto, @daworin  je dao vrlo jasan odgovor na vraag 😛😋😃😉

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@Lucky1019  I am very sorry about that. Can you please send us your details to our A1 inbox so we can check it out?