Poor Signal Quality - A1 TV Cable Service

  • 22 November 2023
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 I'm currently facing an issue with the signal quality of my A1 TV cable service and reaching out to the community for assistance in resolving this real-time problem.

Over the past few days, I've noticed a significant degradation in the signal quality of my A1 TV cable service. The channels are experiencing interference, distortion, and occasional pixelation, making it challenging to enjoy a clear and uninterrupted viewing experience. The signal issues seem to affect multiple channels, and it occurs at various times throughout the day. I've observed this during both peak and off-peak hours, indicating that the problem is not limited to specific times. I've checked the physical connections of the cable, ensuring that all cables are securely connected. Additionally, I've rebooted the set-top box to see if the issue persists, but the signal problems persist.

If any community members have experienced similar signal quality issues with A1 TV cable service or have insights into potential causes and solutions, your practical expertise would be highly appreciated.


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Hello @gillshreyas 🙂 A difficulty in the operation of the A1 service should be reported by calling Technical Support on the number 0800 091 091 or by sending an e-mail message to sluzba.za.korisnike@A1.hr or you can contact us by private message HERE and write the address of the connection, the name and surname of the owner services, OIB and contact number. Please do not write personal information publicly in order to protect the privacy of data, and that is why you are invited to our Inbox.