Bought a tourist SIM card in Krk, then bought a 90kn voucher online, nothing works

  • 20 March 2021
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Hello, I bought a tourist SIM card in Krk, and I then bought a 90KN voucher online (which was already confusing as the seller told me i bought the “one week tourist pack”, I thought this was including with the SIM, as I made it very clear I needed it to work today for my job, but I don’t know why it was depleting super fast and after 2 or 3 minutes, without doing anything on internet, all data was gone ?! 

I was trying to buy the 90KN 20GB / 7 days  the seller told me to get, for tourists and I’m quite disappointed to say the least. Maybe I did something wrong but my money is gone for real !! I paid 80KN for SIM card and 90KN for the voucher online by using my phone number to connect. 

I had data for 30 seconds, did one Google search and then it was all gone ? lol ? 

Please help ! 


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Hello @Tim21 
The Tourist SIM card has two options available for activation, one is Daily and the other is Weekly. Each of the options has a price and benefits. Here https://www.a1.hr/hr/tourist-offer/en you can find details about this type of SIM card. If you need to check your SIM card send us a private message by clicking on the word blue word “ovdje” OVDJE and write us the serial number of the SIM card, these are all numbers on the back of the SIM card, starting with 89385.