A1 roaming problems

  • 20 September 2021
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Hi, I’m not Croatian, I usually stay in Croatia during the summer up to 4-5 months. This year my roaming connection changed from Telemach to A1. I have had no difficulties previous 3 years in Croatia with Telemach. But now (since day one) with A1 my roaming connection constantly drops off after few moments of inactivity (same phone as last years). And to make matters worse, starting today I can no longer make any kind of roaming connection. I have been here since mid June so I understand if it starts to cost me something extra, but cutting roaming off completely cannot be correct/legal in EU, or is it? If that is what it is… I cannot make or receive calls at the moment.

My prepaid modem/router has no trouble getting/keeping connection with A1, so this has to be either roaming related or phone (1+7 Pro) related. And since my phone has worked just fine previous years…

Any ideas what might be going on and how it can be fixed? Android network reset done already.

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Hi,  do you use a croatian number or the number of the country you came from? If you use a number from your country, please contact your operator. If you use our services then please write us your details in the inbox.